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Redboss Games is a mobile game developer, a part of MLiven. Redboss Games is a quality porting, custom development, and quality assurance development studio. We focus on great graphics and addictive gameplay, as well as on interesting ideas, technological inovations, and full compatibility. Continue reading »

Zoom VoIP Router 5567 Review

First Impressions

Looking for an all-in-one solution that would serve as a router and sip based voip adapter, the Zoom VOIP router seemed a great choice as an unlocked SIP adapter and full featured router complete with firewall and what Zoom calls the Teleport. The retail box is definitely a nice package and makes you want to buy the router outright. So, does the Zoom v3 router deliver or does it leave you hanging wanting for more ? Let’s find out.  Continue reading »

Sugarsync Promo Codes

About the sugarsync.com:

There are so many services and companies providing the online backup facility. In most of the situations the online backup is considered unsecure. There are reasons in this account. The people who are willing to find the best data backup services are suggested to find the sugarsync.com. It will be a great facility for the people to join the service network of this website. In order to have the excellent backup software and applications you need to search the online stores and shops. There is no need to search the online shops and stores if you have information about this famous website. It is the time to change the ideas and concepts about the online backup creation. There are some interesting facts and figures for the people who don’t want to get into trouble. This is an online store where users can buy the backup features and tools. Don’t ignore this service if you want to protect the important data. Continue reading »

Kaspersky antivirus certifies that the PC stays protected and smooth all the time

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is one of the most excellent antivirus programmes offered in market at the moment. The cost of the software is also very realistic compared to the security it offers. With a simple interface and exclusive safety features, Kaspersky is one of the most influential antivirus tools in the market. The software has achieved recognition all over the world and has become the favourite alternative of innumerable computer users. If you want to buy it, remember to use a coupon code so as to get the cheapest price. Continue reading »

Introduction about Malware

This word is a contraction of two words; malicious software. It is software that aides hackers to gain access (unauthorized) to a system of a computer and disrupt the normal operation of the compute while collecting sensitive and confidential information.

Malware is a broad collection of worms, Trojan horses, computer viruses, spyware, most root kits, adware and other illegal programs. However it differs greatly with defective software. Software with a legitimate aim but possesses counts of harmful blogs that were not identified before or during time of release is called defective software. Software that has been structured to monitor the online marketing strategies for advertising and is genuine and at times may come from a legitimate company is a perfect example of defective software. Continue reading »

MobileFun.Co.UK Review

Mobilefun: Bring the latest apps and accessories easily

The mobile phone industry is being famous and popular in the world. New and new brands, models and apps are being released by the companies for the improvement of services. For example, the Apple has recently introduced the iPhone 5. This phone is considered a Smartphone because of the amazing an enchanting features. There are so many manufacturers and companies providing the similar facilities and features. You are required to choose the best online dealers for the perfect services. Actually, e2Save provides similar products. If you use a e2save voucher code, you get cheaper price. Continue reading »

Avira Internet Security Review

Avira Internet Security is basically internet security software. It is one of the best paid antivirus softwares. It is in the form of suite and accessible in Microsoft Windows. It has beta version for Mac OS X users. It provides protection against viruses and malicious hackers.

Why Avira?

Avira is well known software product. It has won 2008 year award and elected as a top rated product for 2011. It has also obtained certificate from AV-TEST. It has consecutively achieved VB100 certificate. Reader choice award 2011 is also awarded to security software of Avira. So, overall performance of Avira software product in security is considered as the best. Its importance can be analyzed from the following points:  Continue reading »